Shoulder Pain Fort Worth

Shoulder Pain Fort Worth

Shoulder pain can be caused by a myriad of different problems. Left untreated, or improperly treated, chronic issues develop that become extremely limiting and sometimes debilitating. Not all shoulder problems stem from injuries or trauma. As a result, it’s not mystery that when they are treated like an injury….they don’t get better.

How Can Shoulder Problems Develop?

The shoulder attaches to both the cervical spine (neck) and the thoracic spine (upper back) with a series of muscles, ligaments, and nerves that coordinate so that the shoulder operates as a function of the entire upper body. Often, irritated nerves from the cervical and thoracic spines, joint dysfunction in the thoracic and cervical spines, and overall postural dysfunction can be the cause of problems in the shoulder. This can lead to a dysfunctional shoulder, mechanically compromising the function of the shoulder and can lead to further damage, injury and chronic issues.

What If Other Forms of Treatment Haven’t Worked?

While medical treatment for most shoulder problems involves anti-inflammatory medications, pain relievers and maybe some exercises to do at home to help re-gain range of motion, not all shoulder problems respond to this type of approach.

Conservative chiropractic treatment should, after a thorough history and exam, address what’s generating the pain, where the tissue is damaged, and what the underlying cause of the shoulder pain is. Combining chiropractic care with other modalities such as Manual Soft Tissue Techniques, Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound, Cold Laser Therapy, and Rehabilitative Exercise many shoulder pain sufferers have found relief after other methods have failed.

Why Choose River Oaks Chiropractic Clinic for Shoulder Pain Fort Worth?

We help you get your life back. At River Oaks Chiropractic Clinic, we combine the latest research, specialized and advanced training, highly skilled staff, the latest technology (like cold laser therapy), and a vast body of clinical experience to provide you with the highest quality of care available.