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At River Oaks Chiropractic Clinic, we can help you relieve neck and back pain by combining the latest technology, with the highest level of patient-focused chiropractic care.

How We Can Help You Relieve Pain...

  • Detailed Evaluation of Your Auto Injuries
  • Comprehensive Treatment for Full Fast Recovery
  • Cutting Edge Cold Laser and Spinal Decompression
  • Experienced in Auto Injury Insurance and Paperwork
  • Experienced in Working with Attorneys

Free Consultation and MRI Review

The sooner you start non-surgical care the better your chances of avoiding more invasive treatments.

Providing Patient Focused Chiropractic Care…

That patients have a choice when it comes to their healthcare. That each patient has the right to achieve the greatest health benefit possible. That patients have a right to choose which treatment options are best for them and what treatment goals they want to pursue.

That patients have a right to know what things are going to cost ahead of time and that there should be no “surprises” when it comes to their care.

In using the best treatment protocols (best technology, best available research, along with clinical experience) to help each patient reach his/her goals. We believe in continuation of care ONLY if the patient is getting the results they desire.

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Conservative Care You Can Trust

River Oaks Chiropractic Clinic has focused on quality conservative and non-surgical care for spine, disc and musculoskeletal conditions.

Neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) Evaluation

A screening examination will help determine if you are a candidate for the conservative and non-surgical care that we offer. If you are, our detailed NMS diagnostic examination is designed to determine the underlying cause of your condition, the extent of any tissue damage and the type of nature of nature of the pain generating lesions causing your symptoms.

Chiropractic Manipulative Techniques

At River Oaks Chiropractic Clinic we use a variety of Chiropractic Manipulative Techniques (also known as Chiropractic Adjustments) and adapt the techniques to each individual patient’s needs and preferences. Some of these Adjustments result in the classic “knuckle popping” sound when they are performed and others involve gentle pressures.

Spinal Decompression

Damaged, degenerative, bulging, herniated and ruptured spinal discs are among the most common causes of lower back pain, leg pain, leg numbness or weakness, neck pain, arm pain, and arm numbness or weakness. It’s a medical fact that damaged discs, which bulge or protrude as a result, seldom retract.

MLS Cold Laser Therapy

The Cutting Edge Technologies M6 Laser is a 4th generation, state of the art laser that uses the patented MLS (Multi-Wave Locked System) cold laser beam to reduce pain and inflammation by treating damaged areas on a cellular level. Use of this laser can result in significantly faster pain relief. This powerful laser also promotes tissue repair and rebuilding, and is used most commonly for treating headaches and sinusitis

Enhanced Rehabilitation

By using a combination of advanced electronic currents and lasers in conjunction with slow controlled motions, patients are able to work on rehabilitating and strengthening, even after severe injuries, much sooner and in ways that they are unable to do on their own.


Acupuncture is an effective form of therapy that uses sterile needles to stimulate specific acupoints on the body. Common conditions that benefit are arthritis and headaches.

Physical Modalities and Procedures

Our therastim units address the pain generators by applying tiny amounts of electrical current into and around the injured and sore tissue. The result is a very soothing therapy that aids in the healing of those tissues.

Lifestyle Counseling and Advice

If your Neuromusculoskeletal and Biomechanical condition is affected by your weight, fitness, diet or nutritional deficiencies our Doctors and Staff will help guide you in lifestyle changes (coordinating with other health care providers when appropriate) to help you make the changes that will foster a quicker, more complete and longer lasting recovery.